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tv   Headline News  RT  June 16, 2013 8:00pm-8:46pm EDT

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leaked information reveals american spies based in the u.k. intercepted a top secret communications a former russian president dmitry medvedev during his visit to britain for a g twenty summit as world leaders meet in the u.k. this week for the g eight. the explosion has reportedly rocked the syrian capital in a neighborhood with u.s. embassies in a military airport meanwhile washington considers sending lethal arms to the rebels and imposing a no fly zone the country. smoked out with tear gas and flushed out by water cannons turkish police resort to harsh methods to break up defiant anti-government protesters gathering across the country despite
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the uproar over the crackdown on istanbul's taksim square. and the rounds new president hassan rouhani promise is a new moderate course as the western hopes for a major shift in the country's nuclear ambitions and its start in the syrian conflict. you're watching artie's weekly news if you're on the very latest. but it's been revealed that a former russian president dmitri medvedev was eavesdropped on during the g twenty summit in london back in two thousand and nine according to a report in the guardian newspaper other foreign politicians communications were also intercepted revelation emerges as britain prepares to host the g eight summit which kicks off on monday aunty contributor returns he says britain has
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a chance platform for the u.s. for decades. i think that kind of blanket surveillance we're talking about fake internet cafe's in education being set up blackberries routinely monitored that surveillance is being used and of course with their on the rage and presumably with trying to make those talks amenable to washington and british interests these kinds of revelations show that when governments such as britain and the united states come close to worrying they will use this to try and persuade different officials of different governments to sway them for many years written knew or some british people realized that the national security agency was basically using the united kingdom and the largest spying out for the united states is here in britain but who runs the spying who or where is the sovereignty and perhaps british people will realize that they are living in a state where their media and all institutions surrounding them all industrial
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aspects of civic society are under a kind of surveillance state that is not being covered in the news and alas it had to take this guy working in hawaii a former private contractor to reveal all to the british people i have to tell you already have noticed in the past few hours since the story came out very little coverage i want to have the british and american press will be covering this revelation the problem is the mainstream media will try and prove this and say everyone knows this ever and if everyone knew this and if all world leaders and all delegates at that summit in twenty nine know that they are being surveilled then why do the british or american authorities do this here in london and could this affect u.s. russia relations now and in the future of course they have been tricky in recent years there have been various spying scandals i suppose we can expect some comments from president putin he didn't this came too late for the press conference between
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the british prime minister and mr putin here in london. russian returns see that well ahead of the g eight summit syria dominated talks between russia's president and the british prime minister in london today is said they shared common ground on the need for a diplomatic solution to the crisis but artie's playboy to reports from the u.k. capital differences still prevail. well the leaders very said that they are committed to having a diplomatic resolution to the syrian crisis they are committed to organizing this so-called geneva two conference which will see both sides come to the negotiating table in order to discuss a peaceful way out of the quite says but at the same time they both admitted that they have very different approaches and analyses of the situation in syria at the moment while david cameron says that bash our last out is to blame for everything that's taking place and that he must go to meet putin says it's less clear and he
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thinks that both sides are to blame now you know that david cameron has supported the idea of lifting that you arms involved all but the sending military aid to the syrian rebels the first person hasn't committed itself to that yet however they have definitely been discussing it more should be us taking that step now jim a person isn't sure about what will happen if are sent to syria and if they fall into the wrong hands. but still. when it comes to selling weapons to our says government and he's responsible for the blood including of children i don't think you'll deny that both sides are responsible there's always the question of who's to blame i don't deny that we shouldn't support people opening up other people's bodies and each in their entrails on camera do you want to support these people do you want to. live near putin in response to a journalist's question about why russia provides arms to syria he was quite frank
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he said russia provides defensive weapons to the syrian the legitimate syrian government it's not breaking any rules while it does so and he calls on every other government to act within the framework of international law so what we've got burst leaders talking about. seeking out a diplomatic solution on the face of it on the other side we've got some very different actions from the british government so at the moment it's unclear how successful even planning this peace conference is going to be at the g eight summit over the next two days and meanwhile in syria itself according to the country's state t.v. a powerful blast has hit a neighborhood in the capital damascus reports suggest that it could have been caused by a car bomb was detonated near the military airport which is also a hub for government forces local media also indicate in numerous injuries at the
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scene and syria's civil conflict can soon enter a new phase in washington deciding to arm rebels this week and possibly in those in influencing ouattara so they are saddam regime had crossed a red line by the edge of the using chemical weapons the moscow says the evidence was fabricated on russia or expressed skepticism in my colleague treasure discuss the developments with artie's next year sure skint. this week washington confirmed it has ample proof of assad's troops using chemical weapons against the opposition but the timing seems to be rather strange for that the incident in question allegedly happened in december last year but it's been brought up only now when the government troops are winning the battle after battle according to the russian foreign minister this makes no sense at all from the military point of view and the follow up statement by president obama that he wanted to see the balance of power is restored in the country and possibly even the syrian rebels is creating even more grounds for concerns in russia and europe as well so we have russia being
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skeptical about it maybe only a voice or others were skeptical about the u.s. evidence not everyone is buying it the e.u. the main allies of the united states they are asking additional checks from the u.n. investigators russia says that the proof gathering process itself was done with violations of international regulations you. know there are certain rules of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons which suggest that samples of blood urine or clothes and so will be classed as evidence only if these samples were collected by the organizations experts and if these experts controlled the samples and ruta weren't tories are u.s. colleagues failed to surance that these procedures were here to. so why do you think there's been a lot of resistance to accepting this evidence that the u.s. says it has well just let's look at the history let's go back ten years ago to two thousand and three when the u.s. state secretary colin powell was shaking a vial with allegedly anthrax in it suggesting that iraq has weapons of mass
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destruction chemical weapons we all know where this when so the u.s. clearly don't want to step on the same break again the same time another rather concerning statements coming from the u.s. that they are considering implementing a no fly zone over syria which in many cases is the first step for military and and has certainly a striking resemblance to the iraqi scenario almost a decade ago and so as we've seen the rebels themselves are kind of a very diverse group a lot of interest and a lot of different groups as part of the so-called opposition that they have in the syria are there allegations against them as well i've heard words of regret coming from the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov that all claims and allegations coming from the syrian government that the opposition used chemical weapons against them have never been investigated there have been scenes and footage of the opposition testing chemical weapons on rabbits more recently twelve people from al nusra front the syrian militarized opposition brigade were detained in turkey by
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the turkish police allegedly carrying vials of zareen gas on them so definitely there are no saints here but these claims are not being investigated for some reason. and mark almond who's a professor of international relations says harsh rhetoric by the west is unlikely to bring peace talks any nearer. if you want to have preconditions which essentially say that one party to the conference is going to leave early and is basically going to exclude it and you've decided who the legitimate government of syria is going to be in its place then it makes it very difficult to hold a conference however david cameron and the americans face a great problem that they're not to talk clear who from the opposition side is going to come and so those are serious doubt that in a sense the west is trying to stage a conference on its own terms without really being in control of the rebels who it wishes to see come out from that conference as effectively the approved. even the most optimistic analysis of the rebels would have to admit there are
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a variety of people not only fighting a sad but also fighting each other the whole idea that we can be confident that the weapons we supply even if we give them to people we train will stay in those hands and those hands when turned of in stars it seems to me to be extremely night in practice i'm afraid the risk is that the sort of people who were actually big use these weapons may initially be primary against the sad but we've seen from afghanistan over the last thirty years to the present day and the chaos in libya were american diplomats and being killed british attacked it's a very young what lies to think that we really do control these people on the ground. well coming up later in the program resistance is everywhere as the chants from demonstrators on the streets of turkey people been venting their anger against the prime minister more than two weeks now after a break we report on the brutal actions of turkish police as they attempt to suppress the rest.
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any time anyway. welcome back to the program back to the ongoing unrest in turkey according to latest reports thousands of people have gathered on the ankara scan of the of any setting up barricades to block access from police all vehicles citizens to on the prime minister resigns he won clashes a protest is a continual. the city with police brutality dispersing the crowds with tear gas the country's association of lawyers it claims that up to three hundred ninety people were arrested in istanbul in sunday's clashes but earlier taksim square the symbol of anti-government unrest was sealed off of the special forces drove demonstrators out and destroyed temporary camps response to the heavy handed actions angry protests are continuing to flare up across the country in english reports. this
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point there are more of confrontations between the police and protesters taking place in other parts of istanbul they have been going on really throughout the night and the entire morning they're lesser numbers but it doesn't mean they're less intense than the were last night when clashes erupted after police decided started clearing out taksim square and gezi park an hour after prime minister erdogan has made another announcement that his patience has run out and he said the protesters have until sunday to leave but like i said just an hour later the police began their operation with tear gas water cannons even rubber bullets all of this was used in taksim square and in gezi park literally bulldozers are brought in to get rid of the tents in the gezi park at this point it's completely clear as well as taksim square gezi park is not open to any public whatsoever no media no medical staff no one is allowed there the protesters have congregated in the streets really close to talks and square last night adjacent to the square they were also dispersed by police pushed back into the city at the same time with hearing about
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this thousands of people have marched on to talk to the side of the struggle but they were stopped by police on the bosphorus bridge again russians are up to there again tear gas and water cannons this is written in turkey remains quite tense at the moment because a lot of people are saying that there is an increasing chozen between the protesters and those people who support prime minister erdogan and a lot of people believe that he is a matter of fact is the one who is creating that challenge as we show in our report . clashes turmoil blood to smoke and even death this has been to cause reality for the past two weeks as protests show no sign of subsiding prime minister erdogan shows clear indication he won't budge neither on the prospects of gives you the demolition nor on the requests coming from taksim square. made the issue between the two parties. more serious than he was before. he
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provokes his supporters tell him he's spreading some design formation about people drinking in mosques or people attacking her square for men and they're like the people are killing polish men most of those informations were incorrect looters alcoholics extremists foreign agents all bound to wreak havoc in turkey and this is the reality of protests according to our don and those some may believe him others remain critical of the prime minister and. i'm against the protests but i think that these protests come from foreign forces from other countries which are not happy with the success and development of turkey i'm really angry with the government i think the one acts like a dictator he does whatever he wants he doesn't care what other people think. i'm against the protests or seen gezi park because things are getting out of control also the foreign press show it like a big event and this made the protest even bigger but the government wants to make
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peace with people. so far however these efforts appear to have resulted in more clashes in istanbul than in karate throughout the week with numerous reports of police brutality we spoke directly to officers to try to find out their side of the story. from day one we were for three days without sleep or food when you know you can't eat and afterwards we can think about is sleeping we slept on the pavement on the grass or on our shields maximum one hour a day i didn't get face to face with the protesters but i had no access to any information my phone battery died so i had no idea why the protests got so big the only things i heard were orders from our commanding officers so. the pressure on police has been so great that according to their union six officers have committed suicide while nearly a thousand resigned because of the protests as the protest can. kenya with all
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participants of the conflicts girly increasingly tired and desperate and the government making no clear effort to ease the tensions some begin to wonder where prime minister dawn who prides himself on the building boom in turkey has actually destroyed the very bridges within society in the country in istanbul that in a ghost. when meanwhile turkey's prime minister gathered an army of his supporters for a counter rally held in istanbul were overnight turned to government demonstrators were forcibly dispersed he defended police actions having it was his duty to clear texan square recep tayyip erdogan again label the protesters traitors and make amends to foreign media painting an incorrect picture of what's happening world affairs journalist neil clark thinks the prime minister is taking the comments of stance against the protesters believing he'll succeed as a crackdown against strong western support. feels emboldened really to act in a very harsh where gets the protesters uneasy in poland because he's
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a member of nature and the u.s. ally and i think he you know it's very interesting to see just how little muted the criticism of murder and it's been over the last week in the west john kerry breaks mutterings about not using too much force but william hague for example has been silent the french have been silent and i think we should vote to come down hard on protesters put in the police but in the water cannons the plastic bullets i think go to him feel really good visionary room pressure on him to actually negotiate to be the protesters why should he stay because he's got the backing of nato and the u.s. the u.s. will do everything to stop him from falling from our the other thing is of course elections are here in turkey for two more years the opposition is divided so he thinks he did a very strong position. the rain ians have chosen a program for mr moderates president to take the place of the outgoing hardline
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president mahmoud ahmadinejad's asunder hanny received over fifty one percent of the vote after promising to open dialogue with the west but some of the most important issues may be out of his reach as mere phenomenal experience. people have taken to the streets of tehran to celebrate the victory all of us on the money. i had that hot victory has provoked mixed feelings on iran's moves into is known as a reformist and so carries the hope of many specially in terms of greater freedoms boy iran and surrounds diplomatic isolation the country has been on the top sanctions for years now over a spencer version of the nuclear program during his campaign rouhani has promised to prepare the civil rights charges re strong economy. places where as his criticize admitting he does many times making remarks that cost the country
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it's a privilege to but at the same time better believe the area they're on realize that the iranian system works with major power held by an elected supreme leader in the present can do little to change things dramatically the supreme leader has the final say on big issues like terrence disputed brother mole syria for example. of those say that the next president can at least takes the time out of iran's dealings with the outside world moment chief nuclear negotiator hans is now for his consulting approach. to the hottie comes to iran but he'll have plenty to deal with left over from his predecessor here's my report on that let me just legacy or leave the islamic republic like there has been in the real estate business for years in iran when we ask him to summarize the legacy of president. he
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talks about if you compare is the price that increased by one hundred percent since last year we have no hope for the future of the economy is bad and it's getting worse. one of the president's promises of the taking office in two thousand and five was to make iran's vast oil revenues felt at the dining table of every single family was he leaves behind is a country hit by the worst financial crisis in the years but there are some who say it's not what it is just who's to blame for the downturn under sanctions were tough recently is hard to keep afloat of but the president you know the people and sure that iran is able to resist international pressure to the iranian economy has been hit hard by strain of ever tougher sanctions imposed successively by the e.u. the u.n. and the u.s. over because ations the countries trying to develop nuclear weapon something which was never approved as autonomic energy that has been able to stand up to the whole world over iran's nuclear program and the country's better off for it and have
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a battle the departure in libya will be remembered for is his rhetoric about israel and iran six resident relations reached the point when even war seemed very possible and while ahmadinejad has not exactly been friendly towards israel the way facts have been juggled about him has done more damage to his reputation than his own words years ago a statement was mistakenly streamlet it to him which was inequitably translated as israel must be wiped off the face of the map actual words were that israel must vanish from the arena of time and didn't even belong to any way other than the objective is to make a when the kneejerk ability he stands for universal rights where every country would have an equal say but some powers want nothing but dominance and they focused on blocking the name of our president one of this year's presidential candidates doesn't agree say korea during the two thousand and nine elections campaign he
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criticized his advisors and they were off to race sort of the best and most honest way to get the power and. the deadly protests that raged across the country after they were. actions are also thought to have undermined our image the result many people were frightened of other let me not talk about my job at all. even those who don't totally support a when i say there is little he can actually do here according to our constitution the supreme leader has much more powers in this country almost every step the president takes should be supervised and blessed by the ayatollah so despite all the controversies surrounding president definition it looks like iran will continue to be a force in the region and therefore will remain the fool in the side of the us and its allies mahmoud ahmadinejad's eightieth presidency provokes mixed feelings every controversial leader he was equally hated that he or she here in iran has been to
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ninety one the president and them both defend the iranian policy probably today if iraq is hopeless but his legacy will cost a shadow over the next president some time. race nationality tech around iran. some other world news in brief barack obama has reportedly chosen a high powered washington noir as the special envoy tossed with a closing the prison at guantanamo bay if it slowly is believed to have been picked to head the project be responsible for transferring detainees to their home countries cloner served in the past in senior positions of both democratic and republican administrations. for men said to be sure lights have been killed in an ambush in lebanon's bekaa valley they were traveling in a truck that was hit by a rocket propelled grenade civil war just a few miles across the border in syria as inflame tensions in the area are sunni muslims support the uprising against bashar assad all shites that the syrian
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president. czech prime minister in the chest has announced that he will resign on monday after days of political turmoil was forced to quit. i graphed spying scandals of pressure had been growing since his chief of staff was charged on friday with bribing members of parliament ordering intelligence agents to spy on people to form and peace an ex minister and i ranking members of the military intelligence have also been detained under the czech constitution the government must now start. with for getting down to talks in london of a hootin and david cameron conducted a sermon e with veterans from world war two it warden medals to u.k. sailors who brace the icy waters be arctic to maintain vital supply lines the soviet union three thousand to produce servicemen died during the campaign russia's attempts to recognize the heroism last year were blocked by the k it said it would
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have been against the rules the foreign office said awards could only be given for services to one specific country in a set period of time john says one of the few remaining veterans of the arctic convoy so the recognition is long overdue. cold world countries they have an australian new zealand canada now i meant served alongside me and every save that medal unnerved they know it it the foreign office for what reason. for they said there because we haven't done nothing when the last five years i was very very upset not just for a day for all the past and present chip bites i serve with our main and also their families. still to come bombings and shootings role because she in neighborhoods across iraq think at least fifty one people. would take a look at how the sense spike in sectarian violence is undermining hopes for peace
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in the region with itself. plus the first female in space. sort of rates fifty years since he died he's the styles that's unlawful. you know what's worse than a corrupt bureaucrat a crook beer crack who sucks at being corrupt a scumbag bureaucrat in veronese russia just couldn't help himself and put some very hefty charges for services contracts for road repair and construction in just three years use able to take enough of a percentage off of these contracts though investigators raided his house he had the equivalent of over three million dollars in russian money all over his home news not mail dot ru claims he had entire laundry hampers and twenty five kilogram
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sugar sex filled to the brim with box first off when someone is this flagrant that means that he thought rather comfortable and not getting caught so there are plenty more of these guys out there but second this is an absolute slap in the face to russia taxpayers who are hungry for new roads i think for instance it's a flagrant in your face obvious crush corruption russia might need to reconsider that moratorium on the death penalty but that's just my. more world needs now a man arrested on suspicion of attempted murder in the u.k.
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city of birmingham after four people were stabbed at a local mosque thirty two year old reportedly a type to worship with a machete one policeman was also injured was trying to arrest the man all the victims are said to be in a stable condition in hospital journalists are said major told r.t. that the roots of attacks like this lie within britain's policies we can live in the people that carry out the attacks but also there's a climate of hatred that's been created over years by politicians in this country and even the media allow for islamophobia to take root in the physical act the violent act is only the last step before that there's a kind of ideological attacks that take place there's a new language of hatred that's become mainstream and i think that the first the government has to acknowledge is that their wars in iraq and afghanistan have radicalized people i think that's the first issue that they have to accept that foreign policy directive closes i think the other issue is about equal
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opportunities acceptance as to the question of identity so there's so many things that the government can do but unfortunately politicians are unwilling to accept even the first thing which is that foreign policy is a right to close in fact to many young people and until they accept that there won't be any change. well we've got some more stories for you online including join the military go to prison some young israelis are choosing to spend time behind bars rather than the country's military authority dot com for more on the story. the wins top prize for best twenty four hour news program at the monte carlo television festival online we want to track to the attention a jury. at least fifty one people have been killed and dozens wounded in a spate of bombings and gun attacks targeting shia muslim neighborhoods across iraq
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follows a week of sectarian violence between sunnis and shias ortiz we see here from the takes an in-depth look at what's behind the conflict that's left more than two thousand dead since april. may was the bloodiest month seen in iraq in the past five years a surge in sectarian violence that's raised fears of another civil war sunni versus shia one country two sects. iraq has been through this before and that divide never really sealed tensions are growing between the shiite led government and minority sunnis inflamed by the raging conflict in neighboring syria to understand the divisions we have to travel to an area off limits to foreign journalists the end bar province following the u.s. led invasion this area was the heartland of the sunni insurgency today it's become the focal point of the anti-government protests. for several months now every friday this scene prayer on the highway to baghdad followed by protests against the
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baghdad government it's a situation that's reflective of the state of iraq today a country that has been torn apart by war but doesn't seem to be and the closer to healing the wounds in the divisions that have been on the least during that occupation here the sunni protesters who have gathered behind me want a different kind of system they want to change they feel that the government doesn't represent them soft is one of those protesters he's brought his son to almost every demonstration there flew to residents but not by choice he says he was forced to flee baghdad for fear of arrest by the military and that his sect made him a target of one day a military brigade surrounded the area where we lived in baghdad and started making arrests they were targeting sunday residents and arrested two of my cousins so i gathered my family and escaped to flu jab. the demonstrators complain of discrimination arbitrary arrests detention even torture under the rule of prime
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minister nouri al maliki charges that the government denies. that the government systematically driving sunnis from baghdad this is missy. migration is being done in the open cities are restricted in everything from where we live to the kinds of jobs we can have but in a shiite neighborhood a different version of the story fearful of retribution for speaking out this residential prefers to hide his identity he tells us of the dangers iraqi shia face from armed groups. we also have been displaced by threats from al qaeda and other militias this used to be a mixed area but people have started exchanging houses between sunni and shia families to safety. some analysts blame the united states for the divisions they build the new system political system in iraq on the sectarian basis. like they made the proportions for the seventies for this then and for the dish and this is
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very little. those divisions have taken a toll on a rocky youth a generation separated by the threat of violence i know that it really affects this thing causes a lot of problems between me and my friends especially if they're from a different six we can't work together we'll hang out publicly in some neighborhoods i could get killed for being seen with someone from a different religious group ten years after the war iraq is still struggling to find peace as the ghosts of its sectarian past haunt the future you see catherine of r.t.e. baghdad. now it's been exactly fifty years since volunteer task over became the first woman in space a groundbreaking flight lasting almost three days set as an inspiration for women ever since our system barton has a story one small step for a woman. two years after yuri gagarin valentino tarrasque over chased his rocket vapors up to nine hundred sixty three to become the first woman in space. the
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training was the same for men and women space doesn't make allowances for gender. even today valentino is a folk hero only slightly less famous thing the guarin in russia and in space valentino. saying q thank you so much for being an impulse inspiration to me and many other women and girls around the world to reach our dreams congratulations but back then she started off as one of many selected from among hundreds of applicants one of five other finalists could've gone in her place. of course i wanted to go into space all of us did now we're celebrating to scores on a verse three but of the time we were naturally very upset that it didn't choose us . it was a time of cold war with soviet leader nikita khrushchev desperate to keep the momentum going after the garden was first across one of the great hurdles of the
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space race as such the project was kept top secret valentino didn't even tell her own mother what she was doing a break i told her i was in a parachute jumping team and she believed me when her friends congratulated her she didn't believe them either saying she's not meaning space she's a parachutist so it would be two decades ago before the next female cosmonaut went into space and after fifty years only three russian female cosmonauts have ever been old it seems that on them there are lots of women astronauts and other countries and it's hard to explain why the situation in russia is different this is largely due to russian attitudes to women in space i would call this uncivilized perhaps they don't trust women enough valentino became a perfect publicist for the soviet union she was banned from flying ever again after good gardens death viewed as too valuable a public face to lose along this hall of fame a statues of men central to soviet space exploration but valentino tedesco is the
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only woman you'll find here or call sign was siegel and for the u.s.s.r. and for all the women who dreamt of doing the same this seagull. higher than any other time bottom moscow. back with more knees in just about twelve twenty minutes time a first start to the break the highlights of that in the meetings recent meeting with some of our team's correspondents such a. wealthy british style it's a testament i do the splits because. of the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports on r g i think the first impulse of arundhati was
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pretty much the same as the first impulse of assad that is to suppress the culture mr assad to the was it was a dictator he acted like a dictator mr other one has been elected and he's acting in the wrong way but but but don't come with this comparison with with syria if it doesn't fly. dangerous experiments on prisoners they want to make money and they have healthy guinea pigs in the regular society they're not able to use prisoners i mean more they wish they could. drug tests on human guinea pigs. paid to deadly pills to get in the subway he was killed. he didn't pass a law let him get. his pharmacy really about helping people. to
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save. planes. the arrow
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to the at. the arab world one issue that at least our views are generally excited about today is the snowden case a man who is now being dubbed a second a sound has exposed total surveillance practices employed by the american government there are two sides to the story on the one hand that was classified information which makes this man a traitor but on the other hand the information he has leaked is of crucial importance primarily for the american public and for the world in general what do you think of that. i think everybody has long been aware that signals intelligence is about surveillance of individuals and organizations is becoming a global phenomenon in the context of combating international terrorism and such methods are generally practicable but the question is how well those security agencies are controlled by the public i can tell you that at least in russia you
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can't just go and tap into someone's phone conversation without a warrant issued by court that's more or less the way a civilized society should go about fighting terrorism with modern day technology. and to mandela's deputy editor in chief with. some you have the mike is going to. i mean to ask you about drones but only as you know american police drones to deliver air strikes almost on a daily basis this happens especially often in pakistan and if you other countries in one hand drawings are efficient in combat but on the other hand will all aware of the collateral damage the public in many countries and i found this shocking and there has already been a motion for imposing an international ban on news and rumors about what i would like to ask you about russia's attitude on the issue of modern means of warfare keep evolving and they always will i doubt if it is possible to simply ban it all but you certainly can and should introduce certain rules and exercise control i
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know that currently debating this issue in the united states and the notion is being advocated increasing the often within the u.n. framework that you need to put drones and to control you need to lay out certain rules of engagement in order to prevent or minimize collateral casualties it's extremely important i don't know whether our western counterparts will choose this option but i would suggest it would be in their best interest however there are other threats to for example they are presently debating the option of using non nuclear ballistic missiles in the united states can you imagine how potentially dangerous that is what if such a missile were to launch from somewhere. in the middle of an ocean and get spotted by nuclear powers early warning system how should that nuclear power react to a missile coming its way how are they supposed to know whether this missile comes with a nuclear warhead or not or if the missile impacts right next to its border or inside its territory do you realize how perilous that can be. or take the notion of
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a low yield nuclear weapons do you realize how badly that can blur the very brown trees of using nuclear bombs or how low the threshold might sink for authorizing such destroying can you imagine the possible implications of something like where are the limits for lowering that threshold and who setting them there are many threats in the world of today and there is only one way to address them efficiently that is working together within the boundaries of international law. as national and now would like to give the floor to peace in the valley what has been present on one of our most popular shows cross talk it seems like we live in the age of opposition. and we have the arab spring and heard about europe and the crisis there . and the occupy movement united states which our team did an excellent job in covering but what about the opposition in russia public opinion polls show it's very small not much support what kind of opposition would you like to challenge you
8:45 pm
at a certain point we saw the police cracking down on the occupy wall street activists i won't call the actions of police appropriate or inappropriate my point is that every opposition movement is good and useful if it acts within law if they don't like the law they should use democratic means to change those laws which they should persuade voters to join them and they should get elected into legislatures so that they can have a chance to change the law if there are people who act outside the law then the state must use legal means to impose law in the interests of the majority that's the way it's done in the us and that's the way it's done in russia truth be told we're criticised for that but when the same thing happens in the us it's considered to be noble never mind that it is double standards we have got accustomed to this and pay little attention to it when they talk about it when it happens in the us to growth america. but i must.


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